Arlington Toyota Is Ready to Help Our Hometown Recover from Hurricane Irma

The storm has passed. Now the recovery begins. At Arlington Toyota, we suffered extensive damage to the front of our showroom but thanks to the quick response of those in our community, our doors are open and we are once again helping our customers.  If you have experienced issues with your vehicle(s) as a result of Hurricane Irma and have questions, we want to help you get back to normal as soon as possible.

Jacksonville is our hometown, and because we are one of the largest-volume sales and service automotive dealerships in Florida, we have decided to dedicate a specific team of knowledgeable management staff to help anyone in need of assistance. Even if you don’t own a Toyota or didn’t purchase from Arlington Toyota – we want to help. Because we are a leading-volume dealership, we have many resources at our disposal through our experienced management staff and we want to put those resources to work for you.   

If you have questions about your vehicle related to storm damage, we have set up a dedicated contact number (below) to answer any questions you have.

Common questions include:

  • What do I do if the water in my area rose to a level that caused possible water intrusion to occur?
  • I drove my car during or/ after the storm and now it’s not working properly – what should I do?
  • I have a problem with my car and it could be storm related. How do I process this with my extended warranty or insurance company?
  • I have a car that has been damaged in the storm and I want to get another but how do I get another car while processing the insurance claim?
  • I have never made a claim on my car and need help to determine whether or not to make a claim.
  • I have determined I have possible water damage or mechanical issues that may have resulted from the storm, who do I contact to get more information.
  • I did not have a vehicle that operated correctly during the storm and I need to get it serviced or get another vehicle, who do I call for next steps?

For answers to these or any other storm-related questions you may have, please contact us and we will gladly provide the advice and assistance you may need.