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Toyota vs Honda – Which is the Right Brand for Drivers in Fruit Cove, FL?

If you’re looking for durability and affordability in your next vehicle, you’re likely to compare Toyota vs Honda models. Across the sedans, SUVs, and hybrids, these makes give each other solid competition. When it comes to performance, fuel efficiency, technology, safety, and affordability, Toyota and Honda finish close in the race, but Toyota tends to get the final win in several areas.

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Toyota vs Honda Performance

Toyota offers 23 models, including full-size pickup trucks, large SUVs, and a sports car, all of which are distinctly missing from the Honda lineup. This means if you need the performance of a larger vehicle, Toyota will be your only option.

Performance comparisons vary across class, but looking at two common sedan options shows why Toyota tends to win in the performance category. The 2019 Honda Accord, one of the best selling models from Honda, comes standard with a 1.5L four-cylinder engine putting out 192 horsepower and 192 lb-ft of torque. The standard 2019 Toyota Camry comes with a 2.5L four-cylinder engine that produces 203 horsepower and 232 lb-ft of torque. The Camry is also the only of the two to offer a V6 engine option.

You’ll see this trend across much of the model-to-model comparisons, including the Honda Odyssey vs the Toyota Sienna and the Toyota Highlander vs the Honda Pilot —standard options on the Toyota offer better performance at a lower cost.

When it comes to hybrid models, Toyota takes the cake. While both Honda and Toyota first released hybrid vehicles in 2000 (the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius), it is Toyota that has crowned itself the leader in hybrid vehicles. According to U.S. News & World report, the #1 hybrid vehicle is the 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid. In fact, of the top 10 hybrid vehicles ranked, Toyota occupies four slots (#1, #2, #4, and #6 placements) while Honda takes only two (#2 tie and #10 placement).

All told, Toyota has eight hybrid options, while Honda has only three. Further, Toyota has hybrid SUV options like the 2019 Toyota Highlander and 2019 Toyota RAV4, while Honda hybrids are only available on sedans. Aside from hybrid performance, Toyota overall continues to maintain its reputation for class-leading fuel efficiency.

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Toyota vehicles offer higher performance compared to their Honda competitors
Toyota vehicles features spacious and luxurious interiors

Toyota vs Honda Interior

Both Toyota and Honda offer comfortable interiors with cloth base models and leather upgrades on most models. Toyota offers a mid-level leatherette material, as well. Both offer the typical modern comforts, including power-adjusting seats and heated seats, though Toyota tends to provide these perks at a lower overall price. Some reviews note that Toyota’s interior seems more refined with more seamlessly molded plastic and more stylish transition pieces.

Head and legroom tend to be similar across same-class comparisons, though, for maximum room and comfort, only Toyota offers a full-size SUV and a full-size pickup truck.

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Toyota vs Honda Technology Features

Across most models, you’ll find the Toyota has better entertainment technology. On the 2019 Toyota Camry, for example, the Toyota boasts six-speakers while the Honda Accord has only four. While both models have the same touchscreen size (7 inches), the Camry makes better use of integration with standard Apple CarPlay.

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Touchscreen display inside the 2020 Toyota Corolla
Safety comes first inside Toyota vehicles

Safety Features of Toyota vs Honda

With a standard safety package that includes more advanced features than Honda’s base models, the clear winner for the safety category is Toyota. The 2019 Toyota Camry even earned a 10/10 perfect safety score.

Both Honda and Toyota models tend to offer standard safety features like rearview camera, automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, and dynamic cruise control on most models. Toyota’s standard safety package also includes pedestrian detection and automatic high beams. Both makes offer road sign assist, blind spot monitoring, heads up display, and rear cross traffic alert.

However, Toyota’s Safety Sense is offered on more models than Honda’s Safety Sensing, which often requires a pricey trim upgrade.

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Toyota vs Honda Affordability

Toyota takes the win for affordability. When comparing standard features or the cost of added features, Toyota remains at a lower price point. For example, the base compact pickup truck 2019 Toyota Tacoma is priced at $25,700, while the Honda Ridgeline starts at $29,990. In cases where the Honda model comes in at a lower starting price it usually requires a costly upgrade to get the same technology and advanced safety features like the Toyota base model.

You’ll also save money on your first two years or 25,000 miles of maintenance when you go with a Toyota. Each new Toyota vehicle comes with ToyotaCare, a no-cost maintenance plan that covers routine, factory-recommended services like oil changes, filter changes, and tire rotations. Honda offers a pre-paid maintenance plan, but it will cost you. The Honda maintenance plan is usually factored into your financing, which means you’ll be paying interest on your plan’s fees, too.

According to J.D. Power, Toyota also offers better reliability than Honda. Toyota earned a 4 out of 5 for predicted reliability compared to Honda’s 3.25 out of 5. With better reliability, your long-term maintenance and repair costs will be lower with a Toyota.

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Toyota vehicles are both affordable and reliable

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