Introducing the all new C-HR


Toyota is looking to have an exciting 2020, especially when it comes to their unique SUV’s. The Japanese giant recently unveiled all the information about their 2020 C-HR SUV, and in the following article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this car before making your purchase.


When it comes to the aesthetics of the car the most notable ones being the easily recognizable sharp headlights decorating the futuristic chassis. When it comes to the exterior, Toyota kept things traditional, matching the compact exterior of the car with the comfortable, yet spacey interior that is large enough to take on an entire family. It is safe to say that the C-HR 2020 ticks all the boxes when it comes to quality car design.


As far as performance goes, C-HR has all the bragging rights, boasting the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder hybrid engine that has impressive fuel economy usage compared to the other choices on the market. Additionally, the SUV encompasses both CVTI-s and Sport Mode driving regimes you can turn on, which practically convert horsepower into forwarding motion, resulting in a smooth driving experience. All in all, the C-HR is a great city car when it comes to performance, mostly relying on the battery aspect of the engine when driving at low speeds which results in low fuel usage, and less money spent in that regard.

Technology and Safety

The Toyota C-HR’s smooth design is also paired with smart technology working to benefit the driver as much as possible in all aspects, from safety to accessibility of comfort provided by the car. It is common knowledge that the safety of the driver has been a priority of Toyota when designing them cars and that trend continues with the 2020 C-HR. The rearview mirrors, safety backup camera, airbags, and the general design of the car itself all ensure for a worry-free, safe drive for any sort of trip, be it a lengthy drive, or a short cruise. The car is not only safe for the passengers, but also pedestrians all around the vehicle, as the car is equipped with sensors ready to detect any sort of danger the Toyota C-HR would pose to pedestrians crossing the streets, or even other cars in its vicinity. If the driver is less experienced or in some way distracted, the car is set to automatically steer itself back into its lane as soon as it can notice the driver leaving the initial path. This SUV is a joy to drive, with its various modes allowing for different experiences depending on the driver’s personal preference, ranging from a smooth cruise through the city, while still being able to output impressive speeds when necessary.

Overall verdict and pricing

Finally, let us look at the price of the vehicle and whether it is worth it. The starting price for Toyota CHR 2020 is $21,295 and for that price, you will not find any better hybrid SUVs. Honestly, there are numerous advantages that this car has over its competition, but the main selling point of this car is that it is a perfect mixture of a modern family car and a sporty-looking SUV. Overall, the car is very versatile as you can rely on it in casual city drives and long family trips as well. On the other hand, it is safe to say that C-HR is undisputed in the engine department, boasting a hybrid engine that spends almost no fuel if driven at low speeds throughout the city, saving you a lot of money you would be spending on fuel in the long run. This SUV is certainly a worthy buy and should be looked upon as an investment rather than a purchase.


May 15, 2020
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