5 Facts About Tire Care You Can’t Miss

Just like your car warrants a service at specific mileage intervals, so do your tires need much TLC if they are to remain road-worthy to their max utility. Tires may be reinforced rubber & steel wires, but that does not mean they are indestructible. Depending on the manner in which you drive, where you live, and how often you tend to them, they can wear out pretty fast.

Sadly, many folks overlook their tires when they go in for a car service. If you are a car owner, Arlington Toyota of Jacksonville has some tire care facts that you should know by heart by now!

1. Tire Pressure Check

We know it’s usually hot in Florida, with mild winters, so you think there might be no need for too many tire pressure checks like they do in cold climate states up north. In reality, your tires will still lose pressure every month from use. Consult your owner’s manual for the appropriate pressure and have your auto mechanic know this lest the tire is over or under-inflated – which can lead to sidewall damage or a blowout. Allow your tires to cool before conducting a pressure check, then fill them up to code. Stick to pressure checks at least twice a month.

2. Visual Inspection

For this, you need to get up close & personal with your tires. Notice any signs of tread wear, cuts, penetrating objects, or bulges that could spell disaster. Worn tires are 3-times more likely to cause road accidents from loss of traction control, especially on wet roads. If you plan a long trip by road, never forgo tire inspection, or you might be stranded on the highway with a burst tire.

3. Spare Tire Health

The above issue also brings us to another crucial fact: your spare tire must be kept in tip-top shape. Many times, people get a flat and then discover their spare is also lacking the air to be functional. Whenever you go for tire service, have your spare checked in case of emergencies.

4. Wheel Alignment & Balance Correction

Your tires are one thing, but the wheels are all too important as well. With time, they can go off-center to the steering coupling and the drive engaging mechanism. The result is a slight pull on the drive that degrades fuel economy, promotes uneven tread wear, & dulls the quality of the drive. Have the alignment checked each year for a more suitable driving experience.

Additionally, tire balance is a step not to be missed. Tire balance ensures the appropriate weight distribution of your car and enhances stability. If your car starts to vibrate at speeds exceeding 50MPH, then it’s time for a tire balance service at your trusted auto shop!

5. Regular Tire Rotation

Yes, tire rotation is one more crucial step to tire longevity. A good strategy is to rotate your tires every 6,000 miles or every 6 months. That ensures your tires wear their treads out evenly, hug the road tightly, and save you from any traction loss. You may even consult your owner’s manual for accurate tire rotation intervals.

You should also be wary of your tires coming to the end of their operational service period. Sometimes, the tires just wear out too fast or get damaged over rough terrain even with the best care. Usually, tires should last around 10 years with proper maintenance, but if you are up to date with tire inspection, you will catch the signs of tread wear.

At Arlington Toyota Jacksonville, serving Jacksonville Beach, FL, tire service is taken quite seriously. If your vehicle is experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, then it’s time you came in at our dedicated auto dealership and sought some quality treatment for your tired tires.

While we tend to your tires, you can have a tour of our showroom housing quality new Toyotas, used models at impressive rates and fully loaded with customizable features!

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January 8, 2022
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