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The experienced technicians of the Arlington Toyota Service Center in Jacksonville, IL, have been trained to know every detail on your Toyota, so they have the knowledge and the skills to make all repairs on your Toyota, as well as everything else that your Toyota needs

That’s why we have provided a large number of videos ‘How to’ do some services on your vehicle by yourself, considering that you can perform some repairs and servicing on your own when it needs. Depending on the needs of your car, the experienced technicians of our service center explain to you how to solve the small problems of your Toyota. Since there may be unforeseen situations, it’s good to know the tips that can help you in such situations. If you need to check the engine light or need an urgent oil change, our professional technicians briefly explain what you need to do. You must have wondered when the right time to change the tire is or need to know about the batteries, listen to the experts’ tips in our videos of Arlington Toyota for help.

Sounds of Service

Sounds of Service – Experts Of The Sounds Vehicles Make

Service Video

Tires – How To know When You Need New Tires

Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light – What To Do When It Comes On

Service Video

Toyota Service Video Arlington Toyota

Oil Change Video

Toyota Service Tips: Oil Change

Service Video

Toyota Care: Spanish

Service Video Batteries

Toyota Service Tips: Batteries

Service Video Tires

Toyota Service Tips: Tires

Service Video

Toyota Care