Benefits of Toyota OEM Parts

Get OEM parts for your Toyota from Arlington Toyota in Jacksonville, FL

Benefits of Toyota OEM Parts

When you get your car serviced, you need both excellent parts and experienced labor. There are two kinds of parts that can be used during maintenance and repairs: OEM and aftermarket. Your choice of parts can make a big difference in the longevity and ongoing costs of your Toyota vehicle.

Toyota OEM, or “original equipment manufacturer,” parts are made by Toyota itself. This is in contrast to “aftermarket” parts, which are made by a third party company not affiliated with Toyota. OEM parts are identical to the parts you are replacing, while aftermarket are copies that may be quite different in several important ways.

While aftermarket parts tend to be cheaper, at least in terms of upfront costs, the benefits of OEM parts outweigh the initial price difference in most cases. The fit, quality, safety, and long-term cost savings make OEM parts installed by a certified Toyota Service Center the best choice.

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OEM parts fit in precisely with surrounding parts and systems. This ensures tight seals when necessary, exact gaps where necessary, and no undue wear and tear by unnecessary friction.

On the other hand, aftermarket parts are often poorly fitting. The part may be just slightly off, and that’s enough to cause troubling friction or poor seals, which can affect the performance of your car. There are other times where the part is completely wrong and must be forced or manipulated to fit in. This usually happens when the part is “generic” and sold to fit multiple makes and models. Not only will the part fit poorly, but you may pay more in labor for the time it takes to rig it together.

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Get OEM parts for your Toyota from Arlington Toyota in Jacksonville, FL
Get OEM parts for your Toyota from Arlington Toyota in Jacksonville, FL


OEM parts are made with strict quality standards. Each part is the equivalent of those used on a brand new vehicle, including the careful sourcing of materials. With the corporate name riding on even the smallest replacement parts, each OEM piece is inspected to ensure the highest quality.

Aftermarket parts are simply not held to the same standard. They are made in bulk, usually to “fit” multiple types of cars, so dimensions, weight, and proportions to match your exact Toyota vehicle are not the primary concern. To cut costs, aftermarket parts are often made of lower quality materials, which may not last as long or which may affect performance.

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Your car is a complex machine—each part has a role in getting you safely from Point A to Point B. That means each part needs to be fully functioning for optimal safety. When a third party part is used that does not fit exactly as the OEM part, it can be exposed to more friction, which can wear it away much sooner than expected. Worn parts can fail unexpectedly, causing a total engine breakdown or other catastrophic failures.

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Get OEM parts for your Toyota from Arlington Toyota in Jacksonville, FL
Get OEM parts for your Toyota from Arlington Toyota in Jacksonville, FL


Toyota OEM parts are offered with a 12-month, unlimited mile warranty. This warranty covers manufacturing defects in the part, but not normal wear and tear. Aftermarket parts generally do not have any warranty at all or may offer a 30-day policy only.

Because this warranty only covers the part itself and not installation or labor, it is still important to work with a certified Toyota repair shop like Arlington Toyota’s Service Center. Our service center has its own warranty policy on all repairs.

In some cases, your general Toyota vehicle warranty may require all genuine OEM parts in order to provide coverage. This means if you use aftermarket parts that damage your car, your vehicle warranty may be void.

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Why Buy from Arlington Toyota in Jacksonville, FL?

When you purchase your parts through Arlington Toyota, you’re receiving genuine Toyota OEM parts that ensure your maintenance and repairs are done right the first time. With quality, long-lasting OEM parts, your car will stay up-and-running longer. With fewer visits to repair and less frequent replacing of parts, you’ll save more, in the long run, using our OEM parts.

Our Service Center team boasts 175 years of combined experience. Our expertise with Toyota vehicles allows us to quickly and accurately repair your car, van, SUV, or truck. We also offer a Collision Center for more serious body damage, paint repair, and other advanced services.

To make your maintenance and repairs more convenient, we offer online service scheduling. We also provide free shuttle service to get you back to work or home while your vehicle is in the shop. Drop your car off on a Sunday to receive a complimentary rental vehicle. Have a quick fix, like a simple oil change or tire rotation? Stop by our Express Lane for service completed in 59 minutes or less.

Stay tuned to our Service Specials and Parts Specials to save even more on the maintenance you Toyota needs.

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