Come down to Arlington Toyota and discover the new Toyota Avalon

Inspired by a whole new approach thought to perfectly adapt to the demand of our day and age, it sets a whole new pace with its renowned Hybrid technology.

Committed to making driving more comfortable and enjoyable than ever, Toyota presents the Avalon along with its 10-year Hybrid Battery Warranty or 150,000 miles – whichever comes first – you get far more than a quality drive but also, and most importantly, true peace of mind.

The Toyota Avalon represents the true XXI Century commitment to Toyota’s most recognized values – supreme reliability, economic to run and environmentally friendly.

Along with unparalleled comfort and sublime design, you will find this saloon not only lives up to Toyota’s greatest premises but improves on every single one of them.

Passionate Design

Marking a whole new age for Toyota, the new Avalon 2020 recovers the manufacturer’s racing pedigree.

Particularly alive in its TRD version, you will discover the perfect balance between luxury and performance for those that are passionate about strong emotions.

Overall, the Toyota Avalon 2020 takes on a completely new approach to design. Its strong lines will appeal to all those that look forward to owning a vehicle that hosts unique character and makes itself announced from the very first moment.

Unparalleled Performance

The new Toyota Avalon delivers the performance you won’t believe until you’ve tried it.

Its 3.5-liter V6 with 301-hp will surely please the most demanding of drivers at the same time its Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) will deliver a smooth ride for a drive that can be as relaxed and enjoyable or as performing as you require.

When you consider its impressive 44 mpg along with so much available power, it’s hard not to be tempted.

Increased Safety

The new generation of Toyota Safety Sense delivers unparalleled aid in making your driving experience safer than ever.

Your Avalon will look after you and other driver’s safety by constantly being aware of the surroundings with its Pre-Collision System and Pedestrian Detection, which will activate emergency braking and correct its trajectory in a split second to minimize or avoid consequences.

Its new Full-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control will deliver peace of mind when activated, ensuring always that a safe distance is reserved between you and other vehicles. All you must do is relax and enjoy the smooth ride in your new Toyota Avalon 2020.

Improved Technology

Along with the technological safety improvements, the new Toyota Avalon 2020 comes with Apple CarPlay to bring all your media along with your driving experience.

Those that are passionate about entertainment can opt for the JBL Premium Audio system that will surely deliver above expectations to even the most demanding of music lovers.

With the most recent connectivity improvements, you can let your wearables communicate with your Avalon by voice or touch and have actions such as locking or unlocking doors, start its engine and even see where it’s parked.

Come and discover why we are so passionate about the new Toyota Avalon 2020 and discover our inventory at Toyota Arlington for what may come to be one of the most exciting automobiles you’ve ever met.

March 11, 2020
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