Where to See Live Music in Jacksonville, FL


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Looking to show off a new car and enjoy some local entertainment? There is plenty of great Jacksonville live music to see, and Arlington Toyota is here to help with a list of our favorite venues–from hot spots in “The Elbow” to the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra.

Top Jacksonville Live Music Venues

1. The Florida Theatre – The nonprofit Florida Theatre is a hub for culture in downtown Jacksonville in the heart of “The Elbow” neighborhood. From pop and rock to jazz and country, this spot has it all.
2. 1904 Music Hall – A huge spot for music in the city, 1904 Music Hall is also host to various other entertainment and includes both an indoor and outdoor space.
3. Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts – Home to the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, the Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts also hosts a variety of Broadway shows and other touring music and entertainment groups.
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Get Around Jacksonville in Style

Experience some of the best entertainment near Jacksonville Beach. If you need a better way to get around town, schedule a test drive in one of our high-quality new or used cars!

March 23, 2018
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