Top 4 Advanced Car Technologies For 2022

It seemed like yesterday when many of us were anxiously waiting for the new millennium. Although a lot has changed in the last two decades, one thing remains unchanged: our love affair with advanced car technologies. Even in an age where self-driving cars are becoming more and more prevalent, people still enjoy getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road. But what will driving be like in the future?

If you live anywhere near Palm Valley, FL, and have wondered what new technologies will be available in our vehicles? Here are four advanced car technologies that you can expect to see sooner.

1. Automotive Cybersecurity

As more cars get connected, the threat levels also increase. Automotive cybersecurity is rising with the advancement of autonomous and vehicle connectivity systems. To avert potential risks involved, cars in 2022 will have their focus rendered to a higher level of security. Companies including Nvidia, GuardKnox, and Dellfer are some of the pioneers in automotive cybersecurity.

2. Autonomous Driving and Parking

The prospect of having your car automatically drive and park itself is no more a science-fiction plot but has become a conceivable reality. It’s another new technology available in 2022 that has mesmerized many car owners with the dream of switching to self-driving and parking cars. All you have to do is press some buttons or possibly control everything through your smartphone connectivity.

3. Insurance Premium and Risk Detection

With the advent of new car technologies and data analytics, insurance companies can now detect risks much more accurately. This is good news for drivers, as it means that insurance premiums can be more accurately calibrated to reflect the actual threats on the road. It also means that insurers can detect potentially risky behavior much earlier, making it possible to intervene and prevent accidents before they happen.

4. Blockchain in Automobiles

Blockchain provides a secure, decentralized platform for data sharing and transactions. This means that car manufacturers can develop new features and services without worrying about data security. It also opens up the possibility of near-instantaneous payments for things like tolls and parking fees. And if this isn’t enough, blockchain can help protect against fraud and ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive data.


Which one of these four advanced car technologies did you like the best? Did any of these tech advances inspire you enough to consider an upgrade?


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June 1, 2022
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