6 Reasons To Replace A Car’s Air Filters In The Summer

Summers are fantastic for long drives. But before hitting the open road, ensure your car is in good shape. The air filter is a critical part of your car that often goes overlooked. A dirty air filter can bring many problems, including decreased fuel efficiency and performance.

Arlington Toyota Jacksonville will discuss six benefits of having a clean air filter in your vehicle!

1. Air Filters Clogs More Quickly in Summer

Heat and humidity can make your air conditioner work harder. It can cause the cabin filter to clog more quickly.

Summertime is also a great time to take care of other car maintenance tasks that you might have been putting off, like taking your car to the nearest dealership for a check-up.

2. To Be Safe From Allergens

Pollen counts are higher in the summer; hence, a clean cabin filter will help keep allergens or contaminants out of your engine. Changing your air filter will also remove the pollutants from the air and make the environment a healthier place to breathe.

3. To Improve Your Engine’s Efficiency

A dirty engine air filter makes your engine overwork, which can lead to a decrease in power and an increase in fuel consumption.

A clogged air filter can overheat your car’s engine, damaging various components and potentially leading to a breakdown.

A clean air filter helps your car run more efficiently and improves gas mileage. When was the last time you visited the nearest car dealership for car maintenance in St. Johns, FL? If it’s been a while, do it now.

4. Easy to Change

Changing your air filter is a quiet task that can be done at home. You don’t need to take your car to a mechanic, and you can save yourself some money. Get the right size air filter for your vehicle and follow your owner’s manual instructions on how to change it.

5. Less Engine Wear and Tear

A clean air filter can extend the life of your car’s engine. Dirty air filters can increase wear and tear within the engine due to exertion. It is because dirty air filters allow dirt and debris to enter the engine, where it can cause damage.

6. Reduced Emissions

Dirty air filters reduce your engine’s efficiency, increasing harmful emissions, which means that it will produce more pollutants.

So, changing your air filter is an excellent place to save money and keep your car running smoothly. If you are unsure if it’s time to replace the air filter, take your car to the nearest dealership for a check-up.

Ending Note

Keeping your car’s air filters clean is essential for several reasons. Not only does it improve your fuel efficiency and performance, but it also helps keep your car’s interior clean and free from allergens.

If you haven’t had your air filters cleaned in a while, now may be an excellent time to visit Arlington Toyota Jacksonville, serving St Johns, FL.

We can service your car quickly and get you back on the road with improved performance and fewer allergy problems!

August 10, 2022
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