Visit us today at Arlington Toyota and discover the newly designed Toyota Yaris

The Yaris 2020 is deeply inspired by a whole new approach thought to bring the rallying icon to a road near you, along with all of Toyota’s renowned strengths that make it the world’s most reliable and trusted manufacturer.

A fresh design that delivers a whole new level of presence, relying on its racing pedigree and aggressively exciting modern lines, the new Yaris is breaking the mold on one of the most economical drives of its vehicle range. It delivers what seems impossible – great looks at an extremely affordable price.

At the same time, you can rely on gloriously low consumptions, whilst picking from the style that best suits your life: Sedan or Hatchback.

Discover it’s perfectly tuned 1.5L petrol engine along with a wide range of technological improvements thought to keep you safe and comfortable and realize what we’re so excited about.

Delivering a spacious and comfortable interior that is set to impress you, the new Yaris lives up to Toyota 2020 greatest premises and improves yet again on every single one of them.

Exciting Design

The new Toyota Yaris 2020 sets a whole new Era for Toyota, going back to exciting and appealing lines, deeply connected to its rich racing pedigree.

With enough reasons to make you look a second and third time, there is a wide range of customization options, perfectly balanced colors and equipment to keep even the most demanding customer’s heart pumping.

We said it once, but we will say it before: the new Toyota Yaris is proof that affordable and exciting can go along together.

Performance on Demand

The new Toyota Yaris will deliver not only incredible MPG performance but will also have all your expectations surpassed with its efficient 1.5L engine.

Following Toyota’s promise on unparalleled reliability, reduced emissions and an impressive 34 mpg combined consumption, reasons never fall short to ensure you visit us and meet one of the most promising automobiles of its class.

Safety When Expected

The new generation of the Yaris already packs unparalleled aid when it comes to making your time on the road safer whilst delivering a more reliable driving experience than ever.

Toyota’s commitment to safety is second to none, a reason enough why you will find some of Toyota’s best-accomplished technologies built-in, such as its Low-Speed Pre-Collision System, designed to automatically identify an incoming impact and reduce the vehicle’s speed to minimize damage.

Several highly technological stability systems will deliver enough peace of mind no matter how long the trip and how demanding the conditions are, at the same time its 6 Airbag system will protect your greatest value – life.

Technology That Matters

Along with all its fantastic technological safety improvements, the new Toyota Yaris 2020 will bring your media to life through its 7-in. touch-screen display. Everything will sound better than before through its perfectly mounted six speakers whilst any compatibility issues are a thing of the past, now that you can rely on its Apple CarPlay and Android Auto abilities.

Phone calls are made easy due to voice recognition and hands-free phone capability so that, in the end, your Toyota Yaris 2020 will take care of everything for you so that you can simply focus on enjoying its smooth drive.

Visit us today and discover what the new Toyota Yaris can do for your life or head to Toyota Arlington for our current inventory.

April 10, 2020
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