Toyota’s new 2020 Prius is simply one of the best vehicles on the market today

If you’re looking for a comfortable, high-tech vehicle that will help you save money on fuel and make driving easier, you should choose this great Toyota construction.

It’s worth noting that for two decades, the Toyota Prius has been the best choice of eco-warriors.

The best interior design and technology

Once you’re on board the Toyota 2020, you’ll be impressed and begin to discover all the technology on board.

The first thing to be revealed is the instrument panel, which in true Prius style is built into the car in the form of a horizontal, centered panel.

Then there’s the sat nav. This is a seven-inch touch screen equipped with the Toyota Touch 2 & GO multimedia system.

The interface has all the essentials for everyday life: real-time traffic with TomTom Real Time Traffic, speed camera warning with Coyote and/or Cyclops, route management from My Toyota and access to applications from the Toyota e-Store, among others.

The Toyota 2020 navigator brings what is probably the most complete consumer information section on the market.

Under the navigator there is a wireless charging base that allows you to charge the battery of any mobile phone.

The Head up Display is a technology that projects information onto the windscreen, so you never have to take your eyes off the road.

Power, efficiency and hybrid technology

The new Prius comes with a 122 hp 1.8 four-cylinder petrol engine that delivers combined consumption over a WLPT cycle of 4.4-4.8 l/100 km.

On the hybrid side, it is complemented by a 1.3 kWh (6.5 Ah/201.6 V) battery which in the ‘standard’ version powers the front axle to reduce fuel consumption.

This additional engine – 5.3 kW, equivalent to about 7.1 hp – only runs at speeds below 10 km/h or, in the event of a loss of traction, up to 70 km/h.

Safety from the outside

The Prius 2020 features bi-LED headlights with automatic height adjustment, LED taillights and keyless entry and start system, among others. All this is standard on both versions of this car.

If we move on to safety technologies, we will see that we have adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, signal detection, warning of involuntary lane change and rear traffic alert system, as well as other more city oriented technologies such as the rearview camera with parking guidance.

Different models

Toyota’s new specially designed vehicle has four doors and is only available for five passengers.

It should be noted that there are only two versions of the new 2020 Prius: LE and XLE.

In addition to this, there is a unique and special version, which is the limited version. Of course, it’s the more expensive version.

The special version (Limited) offers some improvements to provide greater comfort and safety, some of these improvements are:

• A more advanced navigation system.
• 11.6-inch touch screen for added convenience.
• JBL premium audio system.

April 12, 2020
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